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Our main services.


Thank to years of diversified experience, Dublab is able to budget and schedule low, medium or high budget features and television programs as well as commercials, music videos, corporate videos, live streaming and photo shoots. It has earned a reputation for providing efficient, reliable and cost-effective services for the industry. Budgets and schedules are prepared to meet individual requirements and translation services are available upon request.


Dublab can scout, plan for and offer pre-production research for any type of production. Location research and scouting is done by English speaking location managers familiar with the entire Italian territory, including all its most iconic settings such as Tuscany, Umbria, Sardinia, Sicily, Venice and the Amalfi coast. Dublab maintains on-going relationships with all the various municipalities, Government offices and police departments which issue shooting permits, including those for all historical sites and government building. Any and all government benefits are passed on directly to our clients; Dublab will be happy to offer guidance on all tax related matters, including prompt and up to date information on any tax based incentives and other local reward programs.


Due to its long and adventurous history, Italy is naturally rich in different ethnic groups and this, as well as being now home to several international communities, offers the highest variety of screen types. In addition to this natural asset, Dublab works in close contact with many casting agents, films schools and theatre companies making it possible to successfully audition and cast any kind of production, even at short notice. Dublab will also take care of contractual and bureaucratic procedures in accordance to the Italian law and under its most favourable terms.


Dublab offers a complete range of multilingual and highly skilled professionals. From heads of departments to extras, Dublab can put together any size of production team for shootings and related events. Our staff is accustomed to work with artists and crews from all over the world and familiar with their different comfort zones, and are known not only for their proficiency and experience, but also for their ability to deliver an all round personal and tailor made service.

Tecnical Support

Dublab entertains privileged relationships with all of Italy's major studios, including the largest facility in Rome, Cinecittà. Dublab has at its disposal top of the range prop and costume houses, equipment suppliers and vendors to cover all aspects of production. Dublab’s close ties with the territory and the industry inables us to constantly offer the very best products and services at competitive prices.

Logistical Support

Dublab has a full array of production vehicles available: from cars - with or without drivers - to passenger vans, make-up buses, wardrobe buses, catering trucks, star motorhomes, mobile generators, grip and camera trucks, etc. Dublab works closely with all the major transport, car rental and catering companies, ensuring costum made packages to suit any budget or need.

Artist Management

Dublab represents and works with artists based in Tuscany and Italy, with extensive experience in theatre, film, television, radio and corporate work. Our company is therefore able to oversee the entire creative process and give effective contribution to all its stages, from writing through to development, casting and production.

Legal Representation

Dublab acts as a comprehensive legal and fiscal representative in Italy on behalf of its clients and operates under the direction of the client's company, whilst maintaining close cooperation with its producers. We, at Dublab, are ready to meet any insurance requirements, provide banking facilities and offer hassle-free fulfilment of tax and labour-related obligations (including crew hiring, social security contributions, liability and other insurance, etc.). We can offer consultation and provide help in obtaining tax rebate (VAT reimbursement) and provide international standard, detailed accounting for any transaction.

Dubbing Services

Dublab provides dubbing and voice-over services for live-action and animated movies, broadcast series, documentaries, infomercials, and any online video content; in addition, Dublab also services video games, e-Learning software, corporate presentations, training videos, and product trailers. Dublab provides a complete end-to-end solution for dubbing services: from script adaptation to casting, directing, recording and mixing, we provide complete one-stop, services.


A small summary of our work.



The Little Hours


Dubbing Course

Dubbing and voice-over course

Dubbing Spot

Promotional video

Folle d'amore


OSCE project


Il piombo e la neve


Oman Expedition


La banda Colombo

Web Film

Social Issues

Our social commitments.

  • Doppio Sorriso

    Doppio Sorriso, Double Smile, is a project we are very proud of: started in the early hours of 2016, it has seen us taking our dubbing classes to the often challenging and emotional rooms of several pediatric hospitals in Italy to bring a smile and some handy hints on films to their little patients. You can check the amazing result of their work here.

Our Team

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Alessandro Bertolucci

CEO - Producer

Alessandro Bianchi

Post Production

Valentina Pianezzi

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